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You can make a real difference in your life, as I have, with the right training routine.

Resistance training defined (Wikipedia)-resistance training is a form of strength training in which each effort is performed against opposing force generated by resistance (i.e. resistance to being pushed, squeezed, stretched or bent).

The goal of resistance training, according to the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), is to “gradually and progressively overload the musculoskeletal system so it gets stronger.” 

Most people think of resistance training as a great way to build muscle and increase strength (and it is!), but there are many more benefits you may be less familiar with:

Research shows that regular resistance training will strengthen and tone muscles and help prevent Osteoporosis (decrease in bone mass and density).

Research has proven that as muscle mass increases, we experience an increase in metabolic rate.  This allows us to burn more calories, therefore efficiently reducing body fat.

SARCOPENIA - the age related loss of muscle mass, strength and function. (Waters, Baumgartner & Garry 2000).  Resistance training has proven to reverse sarcopenia, even if one begins very late in life.  “Exercise, even in the very old can increase muscle strength and function.”

LOSS OF ANABOLIC SIGNALS - Resistance training helps restore the body’s ability to make and release testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin like growth factor (IGF-1).

Adare Fritz offers a kind and gentle approach for any one at any age in any condition to become fit.

“I have been a client of Adare's for approximately one year. Adare has a unique combination of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly the ability to apply these to the individual.

5 months ago I needed rotator cuff surgery and Adare worked both preoperatively and postoperatively to maximize my surgical results.  He is very enjoyable to be with during the workouts.  I might add that he is very aware of injuries and how to prevent them during stressful workouts.”

Dr. Robert Douville, M.D.

“Adare Fritz is the most knowledgeable person you will ever find in regards to nutrition, exercise, and fitness.  He makes the toughest exercise seem easy and competently leads you to attainable results.

He is sympathetic to any ills or problems you may have and will tailor your training in a way that does not cause you further stress or injury, but in all cases will help to alleviate your problem.”

Barbara Russo


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Daily letters and periodicals regarding health, fitness and life issues substantiated by research

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